Climate Change

Climate change

Leading scientists tell us, that climate change is a serious risk. Its consequences are with us already and growing.

Insurance experts estimate that annual damages will grow to $300 bn by the year 2050. This is three times the costs of the war in Iraq!

Apart from the economical impact of climate change, experts are also worried about its social, and political impact, especially in developing countries. In Bangladesh alone, 40 million people were uprooted during the 2004 flooding. Climate change deprives many people of the chance to build up a decent living. Creating a fertile breeding ground for terrorism.

Climate change is a typical 'tragedy of the commons' type problem, inflicting a heavy burden on people in developing countries and on future generations, who are least responsible for it. It seems fair, that those who cause it, take the lead in addressing it.

"There is no bigger problem than climate change. The threat is quite simple, it's a threat to our civilization"

Sir David King,
UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser

An eye witness report

Climate change is central to human health and development issues. And it's already with us. If you want to better understand the impact of climate change, read the following eye-witness report of the 2004 flooding in Bangladesh, published by Simavi.

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