Treasure hunt- finding solutions by involving people

Let us help you with your treasure hunt

Finding solutions to complex problems is like a treasure hunt. The treasure is already there, but you don't know it.

Or you don't know where to find it, because different people possess different clues to the puzzle and you need their inputs to find it.

Sometimes, you don't know who holds the pieces of the puzzle, and even if you did, why would someone give the information to you?

Better results by involving people

In many organisations, communication between people is hard to achieve. As MIT's Thomas Allen found in the 70's, the likelihood that any two people will communicate drops off dramatically as the distance between their desks increases.

That's why we believe in involving people. We help you bridge the gap between people from different disciplines, departments and organisations, in order to find your treasure.

We provide advice as well as implementation. If you want, we will even dig your treasure up.

Tell me and I will forget

Show me and I may remember

Involve me and I will understand


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