Peter Wiers- CV

Board memberships

Work experience

1998-2003  KPMG Consulting
1995-1998  Unilever, Edible oils refinery
1993-1995  Unilever, Foods Executive strategy group
1987-1991  Shell International, UK and Vietnam

Project manager
Logistics and procurement manager
Business analyst
Exploration geophysicist


          2004  Climate Change course
1991- 1993  MBA                             
1981- 1987  Geophysics and hydrogeology
1979- 1981  Geology and ecology             

Imperial College, London, UK
London Business School, UK
University of Utrecht, NL
University of Rhode Island, USA


Het Financieele Dagblad,
12 February 2004

TU Delft, 24 August 2005

De voordelen van vergrijzing
The advantages of an ageing population

The human dimensions of small water retaining structures


Married, two children

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