Projects and clients

Our expertise

Our specialty is to help you on the road to become climate neutral, through:

  • Greenhouse gas reporting, e.g. measuring and reporting your Climate footprint
  • Energy savings, e.g. possibilities for energy savings in the built environment
  • Green energy, e.g. procurement of green electricity
  • Offsetting emissions with high quality compensation projects

Our project philosophy

Finding solutions to complex problems is like a treasure hunt. You can be sitting right on top of your treasure, without seeing it. Becoming climate neutral may not be as difficult and costly as you think. Let us help you find your treasure.

Benefits for you

"Je gaat het pas zien als je het doorhebt (You only see it once you get it)"

Johan Cruijff
Soccer player

We help you save costs, enhance your image and create more business. Whilst creating a better working environment for your employees and a healthier planet for all of us.

Client and project experience

Click here, if you want to see some examples of our previous client and project experience.

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